Used Mazak QT-350 Turning Center

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Used Mazak QT-350 Turning Center

New 2000
Max Turning Length 26″
Max Machining Dia. 19.88
Max Swing 25.93
Spindle Bore 4.10″
Spindle Speed 6-25000
X-Axis Travel 10.63″
Z-Axis Travel 48.03″
Motor 35HP
ATC Tool Capacity 24
Equipped with: Mazatrol M640T Control
Tool Eye
12″ 3-Jaw Chuck
Chip Conveyor
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Used Mazak QT350
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Used Mazak Nexus VCN 510C Vetical Machining Center

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Used Mazak Nexus VCN 510C Vertical Machining Center, 2006

X-Axis Travel 41.3”
Y-Axis Travel 20”
Z-Axis Travel 20”
Taper 40
Table Size 51.1″ x 21.6″
Spindle Motor 25HP
Spindle Speed 12,000 RPM
Tool Changer 30 APC
Max Table Load 2,640lbs
Equipped With 8″ 4th Axis
Fusion 640 Control
Chip Conveyor
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Used CNC Delta Maxi 3000/1100 Surface Grinder

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Used CNC Delta Maxi 3000/1100 Surface Grinder

Max Grinding Surface 118″ x 43.3″
Table Surface 118″ x 31.5″
Max Longitudinal Traverse 129.92″
Max Cross Traverse 39.37″
Dist. Table to Spindle 39.37″
Spindle Speed 2000 RPM
Spindle Motor 15 (18) kw
Size of Wheel 17.7″ x 2.94″ x 5″

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Used Mazak Multiplex 6200Y Turning Center

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Used Mazak Multiplex 6200Y Tuning Center

USED Mazak 6200Y Turning Center, New 1999

Max Turning Length 20.87″
Max Machining Dia. 10.24″
Dist. Between Centers 46.85″
Swing over Bed 12.5″
Max Bar Cap 3″
X-Axis Travel 9.37″
Z-Axis Travel 17.25″ /19.37″
Y-Axis Travel +/- 2″
C-Axis Travel .0001 Degree
Spindle Speed 35-5000
ATC Tool Capacity 12 x 2

Equipped with: Mazatrol M640T Control
LNS Servo S2 Short Barfeed
High Power Coolant 213psi
(2) 10″ Chucks
Touch Probe
Parts Catcher
Parts Conveyor
Chip Conveyor

Mazak Multiplex 6200Y Spec
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Hardinge RS65 CNC Turning Center – Machinery

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Hardinge RS65 CNC Turning Center

RS-Series turning centers are unmatched in the industry for high precision. Vibration control, thermal stability and accuracy result in superior part roundness, surface finish and unparalleled SPC (statistical process control) capability. The RS 65 and Super-Precision RS 65 turning centers are powerful, collet-ready spindle machines that utilize a wide range of Hardinge precision workholding devices for the most stringent machining requirements. They are also ideal for “hard milling” or “hard turning” the toughest of materials to grinding quality finishes.

Bar Size: 2.5″/65mm
Chuck Size: 8″/200mm
X-Axis Travel: 7.45″/189.2mm
Z-Axis Travel: 25.13″/638.3mm
Spindle HP: 30HP/26kW
Spindle Speed: 4,500 RPM
Number of Turret Stations (Standard): 12
Turret Tooling Type (Standard): ESA
Turret Tooling Type (Option): VDI or T Style
CNC Control Unit: Hardinge/Fanuc i Series RS

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Toyoda FH550 Horizontal Machining CEnter

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Toyoda FH550S Horizontal Machining Center

Work Area:

Axis travel X (column) 29.52 in (750 mm)
Axis travel Y (spindle head) 31.5 in (800 mm)
Axis travel Z (table) 33.46 in (850 mm)
Spindle nose to rotary table center 5.9 – 39.37 in (150 – 1,000 mm)
Spindle nose to top face of pallet 3.94 – 35.43 in (100 – 900 mm)
Workpiece swing ø33.46 x 46.0 in (ø850 x 1,168 mm)


Speed (infinitely variable) 50 – 15,000 rpm
Drive motor power 30 hp (22 kw) interim
(opt 40 hp (30 kw) interim)
25 hp (18.5 kw) continuous
(opt 30 hp (22 kw) continuous)
Spindle nose taper #50 or #40
Spindle diameter (front bearing ID) ø3.54 in (ø90 mm) #50
ø3.15 in (ø80 mm) #40


Pallet size 21.65 x 21.65 in (550 x 550 mm)
Pallet height from floor 47.24 in (1,200 mm)
Rotary table index increments 1 deg (0.001 NC opt)
Indexing time, 90 degrees 2 sec
Indexing time, 180 degrees 2.6 sec
Pallet changing time 9.5 sec
Max load on pallet 1,760 lb (800 kg)

GE Fanuc 31i

Tool Magazine:

Standard storage capacity 60 std; Opt 121, 280, 494
Tool selection Fixed pocket, random access
Maximum tool weight

59.4 lb (27 kg) #50
17.6 lbs (8 kg) #40

Maximum tool size
(diameter x length)
ø4.72 x 18.5 in (ø120 x 470 mm)
Tool change time, tool-to-tool 2.7 sec #50 (1.9 sec #40)
Tool change time, chip-to-chip 3.7 – 5 sec #50 (2.7 sec #40)


Rapid traverse (X, Y and Z) 2,362 ipm (60 m/min)
Cutting feedrate 2,362 ipm (60 m/min)
Acceleration 1 G


Linear positioning accuracy ± 0.00012 in (0.003 mm) full stroke
Linear repeatability ± 0.00008 in (0.002 mm)
Rotary table index accuracy ± 3 arc sec

Machine Size:

Machine height 122 in (3,100 mm)
Floorspace 118 x 284 in (2,997 x 7,188 mm)
Net weight 35,200 lb (16,000 kg)
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Okuma LB35 CNC Turning Center

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Okuma LB35 CNC Turning Center

Creating large parts such as the threaded pipes and long shafts required by the oil and agriculture industries demands a lathe that is built to not only accommodate massive material but also to handle it with precision. The LBII series does just that. With Okuma’s strong base casting at the foundation, the LB35II and LB45II boast some of the longest available beds, allowing for large diameter machining in a variety of bore sizes. What it gains in size it never loses in power. The LBII Series maintains Okuma standards for optimum torque and precision regardless of machine dimension. Fast motion from end to end ensures accuracy while a low RPM extends the machine’s life and finishing capabilities. With powerful, robust ball screws the LBII series is able to generate slideway movement to both axes, increasing both cutting speed and feed rates.

Max Turning Diameter mm (in) Ø 490 (19.29), {Ø 460 (18.11)}
Spindle Nose Type SB: A2-8, BB: A2-11, SBB: A2-15
Speed Range min-1 14-219-3,200 (2+2), 12-187-2,800 (2+2), 40-335-1,400 (2)
Standard Power kW (hp) 30 / 22 (40 / 30)
Rapid Traverse m/min ipm 15 / 20 (591 / 787) {C: 100 rpm}

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Used Mori Seiki SL-150 CNC Turning Center

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Mori Sieki SL150 CNC Turning Center

Bar Capacity: 1.30 ”
Power: 15 HP
RPM: 8000
Turning Dia: 16.92 ”
Swing: 24.41 ”
Centers: 24.80 ”
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Used Mazak Nexus 100 CNC Turning Center

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Mazak Nexus 100 CNC Tuning Center
Chuck Size: 6 ”
# Axis: 2
Power: 10 HP
RPM: 6000
Turning Dia: 11 ”
Swing: 21.6 ”
Centers: 12 ”
Tailstock (Yes/No): Yes
Control: Mazatrol Fusion 640T
Description: High Power Coolant, Chip Conveyor

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