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Used Saacke CNC Tool Cutter Grinder

Used Saacke UW ID Tool Grinder USED Saacke UW ID Tool Grinder, 2004 Specifications: Spindle Power 35 HP Max Tool Dia 9.8″ Max Tool Length 17″ X-Axis Travel 24.6″ Z-Axis Travel 12″ Y-Axis Travel 12″ Workhead Taper ISO 50 Workhead Max rpm 650 rpm Through Bore Capacity 1.1″ Equipped With NUM Axium Power Advanced Control(version […]

Used Studer S31 Grinder

Used Studer S31 USED Studer S33 CNC Grinder New 2009 Specifications: Center Height 6.9″ Center Distance 25.6″ Longitudinal Travel 31.5″ Cross Slide Travel 10.8″ Wheel Size Right 20″ x 2.5″ x 8″ Wheelhead Configuration 1 deg B – 3 Wheel 2OD 1 ID Wheelhead Power 10HP Weight Between Centers 176 lbs Workhead Taper Morse 5 […]

Used Tsugami TMB2 Turning Center – Multi Axis

2009 Tsugami TMB2 Turning Center Specifications: Max Machining Dia. 2″ Spindle Motor 6,000 rpm Indexing Angle .001 deg B Axis -15 to 195 deg/.0001 deg Tool Spindle angle/position 90 deg/4 Positions Tool post spindle speed 10,000.00 Turret Size 16 positions ATC size 60 Sub spindle speed 6,000 rpm Sub spindle Indexing .001 deg X1-Axis Travel […]

Studer S33 CNC Cylindrical Grinder

USED Studer S33 CNC Grinder New 2005 Specifications: Center Height 6.9″ Center Distance 39.4″ Longitudinal Travel 45.3″ Cross Slide Travel 11.2″ Wheel Size Right 20″ x 2.5″ x 8″ Wheelhead Configuration 0 deg/30 deg Wheelhead Power 10HP Workhead Speed 1-1500 RPM Workhead Taper Morse 5 Weight Between Centers 176 lbs Equipped With Fanuc 21i-TB Control […]

Sell Your CNC Machine Tools Surplus Equipment

Dear Valued Customer: We are actively looking for surplus CNC machine tools for purchase. If a machine is currently surplus to your needs please let us know. We would also like you to take advantage of our brokering service. Our standing at the top of many search engines and an overwhelming presence through social media […]

Used Kellenberger URS 125/430 CNC Grinder

USED Kellenberger URS 125/430 CNC, New 2000 Specifications: Wheel Size 20″x3.5″x8″ Between Centers 19.6″ Height of Centers 4.9″” Workpiece weight 220 lbs Z-Axis Travel 25.6″ X-Axis Travel 12.6″ B-Axis 2.5 Deg – Automatic Feed Rates 236/472 ipm Power of Motor 12 HP Equipped With: Fanuc 18TB Control Marposs Guaging Length Position Probe Paper band Filtration […]

Used Mori Seiki MV80B CNC Vertical Machining Center

USED Mori Seiki MV 80B w/ Fanuc MF-M5 CNC Control, New 1996 Specifications: Control: Fanuc MF-M5 Table Size 30″ x 80″ Vertical Travel 30″ Automatic Tool Changer 80 Tools Taper 50 Equipped With: Spindle Chiller 2 Pallet Changer 2 Chip Conveyors To receive a quotation on this machine click the Contact Us tab above Used […]

Used Walter Power 500 Tool & Cutter Grinder

Used Walter Power 500 Tool & Cutter Grinder, 1999 Specifications: X-Axis 18.5″ Y-Axis 12.5″ Z-Axis 26″ Resolution 000,004″ Traverse Speed 15 m/min Workhead: A-Axis Spindle ISO 50 Rotation 360 Deg Resolution .000,1 Deg Max Tool Diameter 12.5″ Max Workpiece Weight 50 kg Max Workpiece Length 13.79″ C-Axis Rotary Table +- 200 Grad Resolution .0001 Deg […]

used Haas DS30Y Turning Center

Used Haas DS30Y Turning Center-2011 Specifications: Maximum Swing 31.7″ Turn Diameter 18″ Machining Length 23″ Spindle Bore 3.5″ Bar Capacity: 2″ Chuck Size 8″ Spindle Speed 4000 RPM Main Motor: 30 HP Turret Position 12 Equipped With: Chip Conveyor Tool Presetter (2) 8” 3-Jaw Chucks Mist Collector Live Tooling Parts Catcher Haas Servo 300 Bar […]

Used Mori Seiki NH 8000 CNC Horizontal Machining Center

USED Mori Seiki NH 8000 Horizontal Machining Center Specifications: Year 2011 X-Axis Travel 55.1″ Y-Axis Travel 47.3 Z-Axis Travel 53.1″ Taper CAT 50 Spindle Motor 40/30/25 HP Spindle Speed 10,000.00 Tool Changer 120 ATC Pallets (4) 15.74″ Equipped With Concept Conveyor Blum Spindle Probe 1000 PSI Chip Blaster Mori Tool Probe Tool Breakage Detection Special […]