Schneeberger Corvus NGB-C Grinder

CNC Tool & Cutter Grinding


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Schneeberger Corvus NGB Tool Cutter Grinder

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Schneeberger Corvus NGB-C CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder
Year New Machine
X Axis 49" 1250 mm
Y Axis 15.7"   400 mm
Z Axis 15.7"   400mm
A Axis ISO 50 0.0001 resolution
C Axis 360 degree 0.0001 resolution
Motor Power
Optional up to 50 HP
Can Be Equipped With:
Wheel loader with 7 positions for 21 grinding wheels
Fire Suppression
Coolant Tank
Double Ended Spindle
Mist Collector
Fanuc robot, 4 pallets or arbor arena with 24 positions
Cell 1
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Corvus NGB-C Tool Grinder
About Schneeberger Aries

The Schneeberger Corvus NGB C-type is capable of grinding knives for the paper industry, tooling for the food and plastics industries, profile grinding, cylindrical grinding and surface grinding. This machine was built for large parts ground with high power. Performing accurate results with high stock removal performance. The Corvus is manufactured with ball screws or linear motors on all axes. The machine has evolved with an intelligent modular machine design that allows it to be configured as a 6-axis broach grinder as well as a spline grinder, heavy-duty 5-axis machine, gear hob profiler or sharpener and thread grinder. Wheel changing abilities enhance the roughing, pre grinding and finish grinding of complex profiles. Eliminating multiple setups is a big benefit of this machine as well as the grinding speed the linear motor allows. Schneeberger offers a variety of automatic loading systems for multi pallet system. Founded in 1923 Schneeberger has been a Swiss, family-run business devoted to grinding.Successful throughout the world with tool manufacturers in the automotive and aerospace industries, with service providers, in service departments in large-scale manufacturing.