Used Studer CT450 Internal Cylindrical CNC Grinder


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Used Studer CT-450 Internal Grinder
Studer CT-450 Internal Used CNC Grinder
Used Studer CT-450 Internal Grinder
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Used Studer CT450 Grinder 
Year 2015
X Axis Travel 17.7"
Z Axis Travel
B Axis +- 2 degree
C Axis Full
Workpiece Length Max 9"
Workpiece Diameter Max 4.7"
ID Spindle 1 90,000 RPM
ID Spindle 2 120,000 RPM
Equipped With:
120,000 and 90,000 ID Spindles
Studer SimCT Software
Frequency Converter
Rotary Dressing
Fire Suppression Capable

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About Studer Internal Grinder

Compact and user-friendly
• Up to three HF grinding spindles in a linear arrangement
• Large selection of internal and external spindles (external wheel up
to dia 300 mm (12")
• C axis for the wor khead enabling form and thread grinding
• Manual A axis for precise thread grinding
• Various dressing options
• Full enclosure with sliding door
• Integrated or autonomous loading systems
• Measuring probe
• StuderSimCTpc offline simulation software
• Dovetailed work table for simple positioning of the grinding spindles
• CNC-controlled Y-axis (vertical)
• Wide range of clamping devices and accessories
• Standardized interface for loader and peripheral devices