Used Toyoda GL4 Cylindrical CNC Grinder


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Used Toyoda GL4 Cylindrical Grinder 
Max Swing 12.6"
Center Height
Center Distance 39.4"
Max Weight 330 lbs
Wheel Size 20" x 3" x 8"
Wheel Surface Speed 8,500 SFPM
Equipped With:
Live - Dead Workhead
Length Position Probe
Filtration System

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About Toyoda GL4 Grinder

Used Toyoda GL grinders are perfect machines for production grinding. Built with an adjustable wheel head you can change from plain and angle head operations. Equipped with hydrostatic and hydrodynamic technology eliminating frictional contact inside the bearing allowing your grinder to run at peak performance longer than your typical spindle bearing.  Achieves high accuracy and low vibration rotation by balancing motor parts. Designed with a box-type foundation for added rigidity and thermal stability. Toyoda GL grinders use their own conversational controls with a touchscreen interface. The control helps guide the operator through set-up, grinding, dressing and maintenance.