Used Kellenberger Kel Vista UR 175 Cylindrical CNC Grinder


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Used a Kellenberger Kel Vista CNC cylindrical grinder


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Kellenberger Kel Vista Grinder
Max Swing 13.78"
Center Height
Center Distance 39.37"
Max Weight 220 lbs
Wheelhead Motor 6.7 HP
B- Axis 1 deg
Equipped With:
ID Spindle, 2 OD
Length Position Probe
Filtration System
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About Kellenberger

The Kellenberger Vista UR 175/1000 is a CNC controlled cylindrical grinding machines. Programming knowledge is now no longer necessary, thanks to the simple, user-friendly
Kellenberger menu-based programming. The used Kellenberger Vista UR 175/1000 is the synonym for cost-optimized, 100% reproducible universal grinding thanks to its CNC-control system. Designed for use in highly demanding tool and mold making, in machine and prototype construction, in maintenance workshops, laboratories, for economical small and medium batch production, or, in other words flexibility and cost-effectiveness are indispensable. The swiveling workhead is suitable for grinding between dead centers and for chuck work illustrating the machine‘s progressive design. The thermally-optimized bearings guarantee the highest roundness and dimensional accuracy. A used Kellenberger Kel Vista is one of the most popular CNC universal grinding machines in the market.