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Studer Favorit CNC Grinder
Year 2008 (Like New)
Max Swing 14"
Center Height
Center Distance 25.6"
Max Weight 330 lbs
B - Axis Manual 2.5 deg
Spindle Power 10 HP
Max Wheel Diameter 20"
Max Wheel Width 3.5"
Equipped With:
ID Spindle, 1 OD
Frequency Converter
Length Position Probe
Mist Collector
Paper Filtration System

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 About Studer Favorit Grinder 

Studer have redesigned this amazing machine and using the latest technology have made it better but made sure that it is still the leader in terms of price and performance. The Studer Favorit is a CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine for the individual and batch production of short to long-sized work pieces. It has a distance between centers of (15.7” / 25.6" / 40" / 63" and a centers height of 175mm (6.9"). It can machine work pieces with a maximum weight of 330lbs. The wheel head can be automatically positioned in 2.5 degree increments up to a Full B axis, to accommodate a belt-driven, external or internal grinding spindle. An optional Studer Grind software also enables programming of special applications—like grinding wheel, for complex work piece shapes. It can subsequently be easily adapted to other grinding tasks using various accessory kits such as in-process gauging, balancing system, contact detection and length positioning. The speed of the belt-driven internal grinding spindle is infinitely adjustable. Spindles with nominal rpm of 28 000, 42 000 and 60 000 are available. The used Studer Favorit has an integrated coolant tray and a machine base with temperature control. Potential deformations of the slide on the Z-axis are eliminated. At the same time the active temperature control option brings the machine to operating temperature faster. A used Studer Favorit will be sure to meet and exceed your needs and expectations.