Used Studer S40 CNC Cylindrical Grinder

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Studer S40 CNC Grinder
Year 1998
Max Swing 14"
Center Height
Center Distance 63"
Max Weight 330 lbs
Drive Power 10 HP
Z - Axis Travel 65"
Equipped With:
2 OD Wheels
63" Centers
Length Position Probe
Filtration System

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About Studer S40

The Studer S40 cylindrical grinder is at home in all types of
manufacturing. The demanding tooling sector for form and thread grinding or the automobile supply industry for large series production of highly complex workpieces. The used Studer S40 CNC universal cylindrical grinding ma-chine is designed for grinding complex work-pieces in small and large-batch productions as well as individual components. It is built with a distance between center of 1000 mm or 1600 mm and center heights of 175 mm and 225 mm. The used Studer S40’s area of application is further enhanced by features like the vertical spindle on the wheelhead or the R axis on the longitudinal table. Combinations of up to four external grinding wheels and three internal grinding wheels
produce 30 basic configurations, with the option of using belt-driven internal grinding spindles at speeds up to 60 000 rpm or high-frequency internal grinding spindles up to 120 000 rpm. Dynamic or automatic balancing systems and frequency converters for the individual external grinding
spindles enable the wheelhead variants to be attuned even more to optimize the grinding process.