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CNC Tool and Cutter Grinder

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Walter Power 500 Tool & Cutter Grinder
Year 1999
Max grind length
X-Axis Travel
Y-Axis Travel
Z-Axis Travel
+ 200 deg
Linear axes rapid traverse
600 ipm
Power 35 HP
Grinding wheel diameter
Equipped With:
Cartridge Filtration
Mist Collector 
Fire Suprresion 

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About Walter Power

The Walter Power tool grinding machine stands worldwide for top quality during the production and re-sharpening of rotation-symmetric tools. With up to six grinding wheels on the belt-driven spindle, the used Walter power tool and cutter grinds complex geometries with only one clamping cycle. Together with the available loading systems,
it sets standards in productivity and flexibility. Their customers appreciate these functions, which is why it is the best-selling used Walter Helitronic tool grinding machine worldwide. When producing or regrinding precision tools for metal and wood, used Walter tool and cutter grinders are used worldwide. Decades of tried and tested Walter
expertise in hardware, software and application knowledge come together in this machine. It offers numerous benefits in relation to cost reduction and is simultaneously an ideal
CNC machine for all those who wish to set themselves up in the business of tool machining. Users will love the convenient and safe operation of the Walter Helitronic power.