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About Walter Tool Cutter Grinders

Walter tool grinding machines are used to produce and re-sharpen tools. Their machine tools can handle complex tool geometries and allow you to re-sharpen tools. Their CNC grinding machines are world-class tool grinders for production and re-sharpening, from entry-level model to high-end solution Walter provides cutting edge technology to the tool grinding machine market with an extensive product line that includes the Helitronic Vision tool grinder (featuring linear/torque motors in all axes) and Helitronic universal CNC tool grinders. Its products range from general purpose tool grinding machines to micro tool grinders, to machines for complex orthopedic implants, and beyond. The used Walter product line includes the Helitronic line of universal CNC tool & cutter grinders and the Helicheck automatic non-contact measurement machines. In addition to its world class tool & cutter line, used Walter also produces CNC measuring machines that lend perfection to the manufacturing process. Its Helicheck machines are able to measure complex cutting tools in a single chucking, including such features as rake angle, lead, helix angle, relief angle and even profile scan. When measuring machines are required, the Walter grinder line delivers. 

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